Adopt the Pace of Nature

Nestled amidst the pristine and breathtaking mountains of famed Sundance, Utah, Cirque Lodge offers the ultimate in privacy for those seeking the very best in alcohol or drug treatment. During my recent #USTour2017 to some of the nation’s finest recovery facilities, I was able to meet with the executive director and executive vice president at […]

An Empirical Approach to Therapy

My recent tour across the U.S. brought me to some of the nation’s finest treatment facilities in addiction and substance abuse therapy. The highlight of being in Los Angeles was getting to meet with the founder and executive director of The Camden Center located in West LA, offering a wide-range of services with a unique […]

Crisis in managed care

A Foundation for Ethics in Mental Health Managed Care

The video above is a an expert panel I moderated on issues of ethics and effectiveness in addiction treatment at an international conference in London 2017. The code of ethics in psychotherapy has been challenged. The U.S. and British governments are beginning to crack down heavily on unethical treatment practices. If you think it’s generally […]

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

It is not unusual for children, particularly those in their ‘terrible-twos’ through early-teens to defy authority every now and again. Children might express their defiance with arguing, talking back to parents and teachers, and disobeying adults. If this behavior lasts longer than six months and is in a high amount, then it may mean that […]

Social Anxiety Disorder

Being uncomfortable in certain social situations is a feeling that is all too familiar. Meeting someone, or sometimes the thought of meeting someone new may cause you to close up. More so, giving a presentation or speaking to a room full of people makes palms sweaty and knees weak. Public speaking is not everyone’s favorite, […]

Explaining Paranoia

What is Paranoia? Paranoia is an intense anxiety or fearful thoughts and feelings that are often related to persecution, conspiracy, or threat. Paranoia occurs with many mental disorders, but most often presents in psychotic disorders. Paranoia can develop into delusions; when irrational beliefs and thoughts become fixed so that nothing, even evidence, can convince a […]

Irrational Thinking Part III: Embracing Life

Coming Out of the Shadows Here we’ll explore the beauty and freedom of creating our best lives and what it means to live boldly as ourselves. How can we come out of the shadows and open up our universe? Let’s dive in. When is the time you felt your best? This question often makes people […]

Irrational Thinking Part II: Self Worth

Learn 3 Simple Techniques for Self Awareness. Last week we talked about irrational thinking and our tendency to compare ourselves to others. Now we’ll get into irrational thinking as it relates to self worth and self esteem; how we gain self awareness and what we can do to improve that awareness. This is an important […]

Irrational Thinking Part I: Comparison

In every moment we have a choice. Not only in the decisions we make, but in the thoughts we follow. Let’s examine this by exploring common thoughts we all have and two options of where we can take them, or rather, where they can take us if we’re not being conscious of them. A common […]

Can exercise be a solution for mental health disorders?

Can exercise be a solution for mental health disorders? Many people sweat at the the gym or in nature to build muscle, physical endurance and to acquire that slim, sexy body, but your workouts have benefits above the waist too. Evidence is escalating for the mental benefits from exercise and psychologists have begun using exercise […]