A Portrait of Family Dynamics

What do you think a family is? How would you define family functions? What is its purpose and role? In this blog I take an abbreviated look into the dynamics of family for a 2-part series being live recorded with iCAAD Events for Facebook Live Tuesday 23 Jan and 20 Feb, 2018 at 8 PM […]

New Year, New You

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? And what can we do to be successful at keeping them? The tradition of making new year’s resolutions dates back to 153 b.c., when the Romans named each month of the year. January was named after Janus, the early Roman god with two faces, one looking forward and […]

Practical Music Therapy

You’re standing on the metro platform underground. You can hear someone behind you talking on the phone loudly, completely unconcerned they’re in public. The guy across from you is clearing his throat and coughing, a young mother is struggling to keep all her kids from squirming and whining, and well, a lot is happening. Then […]

Everyone’s Story Starts Before Treatment

My recent tour across the U.S. brought me to some of the nation’s finest treatment facilities in addiction and substance abuse. During my #USTour2017, I arranged to visit an elegant, privately owned estate in Silver Springs, Florida, The Guest House Ocala, where I had the esteemed honor to get to know and interview industry leaders and […]

Trusting the Process

Amidst rolling hills, just outside Nashville, TN, USA, Onsite Workshops has been known for many years as the worldwide leader in therapeutic and personal growth workshops, where their primary goal is helping each guest reach their full potential of emotional freedom. During my recent visit, I got to sit with some of the esteemed staff […]

Adopt the Pace of Nature

Nestled amidst the pristine and breathtaking mountains of famed Sundance, Utah, Cirque Lodge offers the ultimate in privacy for those seeking the very best in alcohol or drug treatment. During my recent #USTour2017 to some of the nation’s finest recovery facilities, I was able to meet with the executive director and executive vice president at […]

An Empirical Approach to Therapy

My recent tour across the U.S. brought me to some of the nation’s finest treatment facilities in addiction and substance abuse therapy. The highlight of being in Los Angeles was getting to meet with the founder and executive director of The Camden Center located in West LA, offering a wide-range of services with a unique […]

Crisis in managed care

A Foundation for Ethics in Mental Health Managed Care

The video above is a an expert panel I moderated on issues of ethics and effectiveness in addiction treatment at an international conference in London 2017. The code of ethics in psychotherapy has been challenged. The U.S. and British governments are beginning to crack down heavily on unethical treatment practices. If you think it’s generally […]

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

It is not unusual for children, particularly those in their ‘terrible-twos’ through early-teens to defy authority every now and again. Children might express their defiance with arguing, talking back to parents and teachers, and disobeying adults. If this behavior lasts longer than six months and is in a high amount, then it may mean that […]

Social Anxiety Disorder

Being uncomfortable in certain social situations is a feeling that is all too familiar. Meeting someone, or sometimes the thought of meeting someone new may cause you to close up. More so, giving a presentation or speaking to a room full of people makes palms sweaty and knees weak. Public speaking is not everyone’s favorite, […]