Care Programme Approach

Care Programme Approach (CPA) ensures you get all the help you need to improve your health and your life by coordinating each necessary person or group, ensuring they are effectively working together. Care plans recognise that people can be in control of their lives and can regain a meaningful life despite a serious physical or mental health problem.  

Our company is your resource for all your care plan questions and to ensure:

    • you are receiving the support you need.
    • we source, identify and coordinate your care team together.
    • you have your say about what support you want in order to improve your health and your life.
    • your support and care is in fact helping you improve your health and your life.

The plans are to include all people involved in your life and focused on your individual needs, be it psychiatric, daily care, education, employment.

How does it work?

1. Assessment; identifying how, what and who will be needed to help you.

Well designed care plans in your home and community can prevent or reduce the time of inpatient or residential treatment. In many cases these plans can reduce or eliminate relapse after discharge. The people supporting you will respect you by taking your views and wishes into account and everyone will treat you fairly.

2. Defined Care Plan; your agreed upon plan of action with your care coordinator.

Agreeing on a care plan with your health professional means being able to talk about your situation, how it affects your life, what you want to do, and what you can do for yourself with the right support. It’s about being given all the information you need, being listened to, being able to ask questions, and feeling able to say what’s really important to you. We will work with you to agree the support you need; defining your personal Multi-Disciplinary Team.

3. Review Processes; a consensual maintenance and check process to ensure your care plan is optimized and providing the most effective support for you.

CPA is about getting the right support for you.

What will my CPA look like?

There is no set template for what a personalised care and support plan needs to look like, but it should reflect the following:

  • a way of capturing and recording conversations, decisions and agreed outcomes in a way that makes sense to the person.
  • is proportionate, flexible and coordinated and adaptable to a person’s health condition, situation and care and support needs.
  • includes a description of the person, what matters to them and all the necessary elements that would make the plan achievable and effective.