How Child Trauma Lives On In The Adult


  1. This post is poignant to expectant mothers. I support mothers as a doula. Based on the confidence they build with us. A lot of what may have occurred in their past starts to seep through in pregnancy.
    A lot of what is revealed the husband/partner may not know. I do however, feel that she should share and not fear if he knows.
    It’s usually good as it strengthens the relationship. Plus fathers then want her to try and improve to give baby a ‘better chance’.

    There is a lot that should be done for mothers in pregnancy who are ‘suffering’ in one way or another with issues from the past.

  2. My X saw things as a young boy which he should NEVER have witnessed … on ONE occasion he witnessed … His drunken VOILENT father … Break a chair over his mother’s head, knock her unconscious on the floor & begin KICKING her …. the child RAN 4 help from the farm workers ….. in our MARRIAGE of 27 years … he always referred to “MY MOTHER & MY SISTERS” as HIS family😑

    I reminded him that OUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER & I … WERE “HIS FAMILY” ….

    • That’s a very traumatic event. So sorry he went through that. I hope he got help for the trauma, and that you got support as well. Thanks for sharing Rita

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