About Us

Our core philosophy and approach is based upon attachment work. This is placing the quality of the relationship to you as the central feature of the work. It’s far more than simply finding professionals to help you who have a good ‘bedside manner’. It means finding professionals who understand that the relationship is how you heal. Helping you develop the rehabilitated interpersonal skills needed to grow beyond your ‘illnesses’ into long term interpersonal, emotional, mental, addiction free health and wellbeing.

The service is unique and discreet and with care in sourcing and managing all the professionals you may need to help them into a stable recovery.

We are independent financially of any practitioner or organisation we recommend, recovering no referral fees or commissions or services in kind, so we can offer you unbiased advice. We will usually have visited the services and practitioners we recommend personally. 

Our main goals of our model to:

  • Avoid crisis issue
  • Reduce relapse cycle
  • Fuel your long-term quality of life

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