Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd

Our innovative approach to mental health therapy offers a comprehensive health care plan focussing on stepped care and assertive outreach with the management of carefully curated multi-disciplinary teams.

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Our care teams provide discreet consultations and therapy. We are clinically skilled in the treatment of varied mental health conditions and comorbidities, including but not limited to addictions, eating disorders, recovery, trauma, emotional health, codependency, depression, anxiety, for individual adults and children, as well as families, couples, and groups. Providing psychodynamic and creative arts approaches to therapy,  cognitive behavioural therapy and addiction recovery, family-health, child and adolescent therapies. 

International Care Team Coordination. 

We partner with treatment providers nationally and internationally, developing confidential and bespoke treatment and intervention services for families and individuals. 

We specialize in coordinating services for individuals, families and professional globally across multiple countries, and offer concierge-level health and social care planning.