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Addiction Recovery Services 

We are an organisation of leading addiction specialists providing sober help, using evidence based approaches to recovery therapy including assertive support into peer to peer groups.

Addiction Recovery Services | Sober Help

What we offer.

Addiction treatments aimed at providing long term support to ensure you and your loved ones stabilise in your recovery.

Where is treatment?

Treatment is usually provided in your own home and community but planned admission to hospital or residential treatment may happen.

Learn about our care model.

Effective treatment for a life free of addiction is available.

Research into how the brain works has opened up the field of addiction treatment. We have evidenced based approaches to recovery from this neurological problem.

Using psychotherapy techniques combined with education and changes in lifestyle provide a powerful arsenal of healing approaches.

As independent health and social care professionals, regulated, qualified and experienced we will help you find the solution you need for yourself or your….

  • Employee
  • Partner/Spouse
  • Child

…to become free of drug addiction, eating disorders, sexual addiction, alcoholism, gaming/internet/porn addiction and many more.

We can give you long-term sober help.

-Independent professional assessment(s)

-High quality treatment and rehabilitation options

-Support into the treatment

-Arrangement of aftercare services

The use of addictive drugs of all types is a global problem.

Some doctors and healthcare specialists view addiction as a disease, whereas others see it as a problem of behaviour. 

When it comes to treating drug addiction, both men and women benefit from a comprehensive program that encompasses the full course of care. Effective treatment therapies on the continuum of recovery services include:

  • Medically managed drug detox
  • Group therapy with peers
  • Family or marriage counseling
  • Nutritional counseling and dietary support
  • Fitness training
  • Experiential and expressive therapies
  • Psychotherapy
  • Holistic techniques
  • Aftercare programs

Having the support of a highly trained, multidisciplinary professional can help you or your loved one recover from the disease of addiction and attain health in the future.

For more information on addiction therapy, reach out for help.