Treatment Services

We offer a bespoke assessment and referral service to you.

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health problems, addiction and codependency, emotional health or regulation issues, eating disorders, self harming behaviours, childhood or adult trauma then get in touch.

We’ll help you understand the issues you’re facing and get a clear insight into treatment options available to you. Both from the public and private sectors.

Our core value is bespoke services delivered at the human level to the individual, couple or family that come to us. Unfortunately we can’t help everyone that needs it and maintain this core value.

We don’t want to grow so big that we lose contact with you as an individual and your concerns and needs. Attempting to become all singing and all dancing.

What we offer in the Treatment Service:

Assessment in a jargon free manner

Advice and signposting to help find what you need

Recommendations of specific services to choose from

Ongoing support through the referral and intake processes

An independent critical eye on progress

A safe place for you to check in and get emotional support

We are independent financially of any practitioner or organisation we recommend. Recovering no referral fees or commissions or services in kind. So we can offer you unbiased advice. We will usually have visited the services and practitioners we recommend personally.