Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd
Maintain your long-term mental well-being with the support of personalised professional care teams, clinically skilled in the treatment of mental health conditions and commodities, including but not limited to eating disorders, recovery, trauma, codependency, depression, anxiety. Find out more
Sober Help Ltd
Receive all the services of in-patient treatment without leaving your home. Our addiction specialists offer tailored services for individuals and families providing treatment and long-term addiction support to ensure your stabilised recovery. Evidence shows that outcomes can be greatly improved with the right support plan. Find out more
Mental Health Works Ltd

For workplace mental health, our care model lends to the complex issues of your most highly valued assets, your employees, by integrating into the workplace environment, with you as a partner. Together we empower personnel with the right measures to build stronger, mentally healthier teams. Find out more

“We are here to help – together we can get you through this.”

~ Noel McDermott

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