You are invited to join us for a FREE virtual CPD session on LIFESPAN INTEGRATION (LI) 


10am – 11.30am

Presented by Eating Disorders and Trauma Specialist 



A therapeutic approach developed in 2002 by American therapist Peggy Pace, and in her words it ‘connects ego states through time’ and relies on the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself. Peggy claims that LI enables clients to heal trauma deeply and completely without re-traumatising.  

Angela will discuss the way in which she discovered this model and with a brief anonymised case study will demonstrate how she has integrated this model into her work.

LI is largely a visualisation-based model that coaches clients through repetitions of a visualised timeline of their memories, which leads to both to the integration of past distressing experiences, and to proving to the clients’ body-mind system that time has elapsed – “this traumatic experience is over”.  This ‘proof’ occurs at a deeper neural level than is possible with commonly used traditional talking therapy models.

There are a few different LI protocols: some address the healing of birth trauma, and/or pre-verbal trauma; and others address the healing of attachment deficits that might have occurred. 

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