Our Company

Our Company Care Model

Our main goal is to reduce the relapse cycle, avoid crisis issues and fuel your long-term quality of life. Our company will source, identify and coordinate your personalised care team, ensuring they are effectively working together to prevent relapse. We would like to make sure you are fully equipped with the necessary tools for a successful personal and professional life.

Our leading mental health care teams have been providing exclusive, bespoke, professional mental health services for over 25 years.


Noel McDermott

CEO, Psychotherapist, HCPC Registered (AS00582)

A pioneering health and social care professional with over 25 years industry experience. His mental health companies successfully balance clinical integrity and business efficiency. An innovative leader, Noel works within our company coordinating international teams to ensure effective managed mental health care. A public speaker whom you can find in publications, across social media, radio and his latest podcast, The Well-Being Show with Noel McDermott. Learn more about Noel.

Our Teams

Our teams are comprised of professional clinicians, therapists, practitioners and support workers. These highly qualified specialists from across the globe, coordinate care around you, the individual, family or company. Our clinically skilled care teams provide discreet consultations and therapy in the treatment of mental health conditions including but not limited to addictions, eating disorders, recovery, trauma, emotional health, codependency, depression, anxiety, for individual adults and children, as well as families, couples, and groups. Learn more here.



Our Offices

Our company provides in-person services at several locations around the London area.

Remote and online services are offered internationally.

We take care in sourcing the appropriate care teams to support your mental well-being in your location. We work where you are.

Contact us for more details info@noelmcdermott.net.