Trusting the Process

Amidst rolling hills, just outside Nashville, TN, USA, Onsite Workshops has been known for many years as the worldwide leader in therapeutic and personal growth workshops, where their primary goal is helping each guest reach their full potential of emotional freedom.

During my recent visit, I got to sit with some of the esteemed staff and colleagues, who help lead your individualized experience at Onsite Workshops. The following interviews are just a few insights among the 45 highly qualified clinicians with varying specialties, degrees, and experiences. I find it is just as important to stress that each therapist has personal experience to understand the healing care each client requires, by having been there. “A lifetime of experiences brought together to create the experience of a lifetime.” 

My first visit was with Onsite’s Director at Milestones, their residential care program. “We are not meant to suffer forever.” ~Cindy Westcott

The care specialists work to allow for your deep healing and to “open up a world of emotional freedom.” 

Megan Repass speaks with me about Onsite’s adventure and equine therapy, which is experiential therapy in a natural setting; learning through doing, through kayaking and hiking to name just a few experiences.

Janet Heilbronn, Onsite primary therapist and case manager, dives into some of the therapy offered for your benefit; brain-spotting, EMDR and somatic work are just some of the specialized trauma work offered.

From my visit it is clear to see how each provider and caregiver is committed to creating the highest quality experience possible through passion, innovation, and service. Want to learn more? Contact them directly, to uncover the many benefits of Onsite Workshops and “discover a better future.”

A very special thank you goes out to Miles Adcox and the entire staff at Onsite Workshops, for their commitment to excellence and for welcoming our community and bridging our support network from across the pond. So many capable hands go into such loving care, I must especially thank Monnie Furlong, Director of Outreach for making my visit possible.

The interviews collected over my week long journey across America give you a personal insider’s look at the facilitators and caregivers leading the healthcare movement in addiction and substance abuse. I urge you to get connect. No matter where you reside in the world, help is just a phone call away and luckily you have access to a diverse network of treatment facilitators who are placing your care at the utmost of their responsibility. These healthcare providers work closely with therapists and care facilities globally for your ease of treatment. You do not have to be alone in your treatment, whether you yourself are seeking treatment or tending to the needs of a loved one. Learn more about the network of care providers available to you. Sign up to receive regular newsletters building community and industry awareness from compassion, humour and ethical standing.

Noel McDermott Psychotherapy and Consultancy is active in building a network of capable and trustworthy leaders lending to increased awareness for the community. We develop care plans and packages for you or a loved one. Helping with long term rehabilitation and recovery in your home from mental health or addiction problems. Our core philosophy and approach is based upon attachment work. This is placing the quality of the relationship to you as the central feature of the work. It’s far more than simply finding professionals to help you who have a good ‘bedside manner’. It means finding professionals who understand that the relationship is how you heal. We source all the professionals you need from carers, to cleaners, to psychiatrists, to psychotherapists, personal trainers, and nutritionists. We will also manage these professionals on your behalf ensuring that the care delivery is of the highest quality and is provided in a seamless manner to you.

Noel McDermott Psychotherapy and Consultancy is independent financially of any practitioner or organisation we recommend. Recovering no referral fees, commissions or services in kind, so we can offer you unbiased advice. As illustrated above, we usually have personally visited with the services and practitioners we recommend.

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