We take care in choosing the associates we work with. We are independent financially of any practitioner or organisation we recommend, recovering no referral fees or commissions or services in kind.

We work to offer you unbiased advice and personally visit with the professionals and services we recommend and coordinate. 

Our highly qualified international team of associates is coordinated to work where you are. 

Our company is considered an ethical and reputable source of training & public speaking. Presenting regularly at leading international and national conferences on mental health care issues and business management;  iCAAD, BACP, Online Events.

As an organization, we are committed to providing high quality resources to the public helping them become more informed on mental health, addiction and general health matters.

Our professional staff is an available and viable resource for expert information and data on current issues in the field of health, social care, addiction, mental health. We have professional experience spanning three decades of work in Social Services, the NHS, Community and Voluntary and Private sectors. We bring a broad range of experience clinically: children and families, addiction, recovery, trauma, depression and anxiety, emotional health, codependency, couples, comorbidity, varied mental health disorders,  and overall health and wellbeing practices. You’ll find lots of common sense, humour and compassion here. And we are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. An independent statutory body charged with public safety in health care.

Often we are called to offer expert advice and commentary for news agencies, in media, print, podcasts, and more. Visit our Press and Media Pages for more information.