Assertive Outreach Team (AOT)

What is an Assertive Outreach Team? 

An Assertive Outreach Team is comprised of community and specialty mental health professionals supporting people with ongoing complex mental health needs.

Assertive Outreach is not a treatment but a way of organising and delivering care via a specialised team to provide highly coordinated support and treatment for clients with longer term needs living in the community.

Our company is prepared to coordinate your assertive outreach team to support your personally-tailored and bespoke care plan.

Do I need an AOT?

Your Assertive Outreach Team will help if you or a loved one has:

  • a severe long term mental illness that affects you every day
  • been in hospital many times and have often used crisis services
  • problems working with mental health services
  • a history of violent behaviour
  • serious self harming
  • not responding to treatment
  • dual diagnosis of drug or alcohol use and mental illness
  • unstable accommodation or are homeless.

Your AOT will provide intensive support aimed at helping you manage your condition(s), reduce your need for hospitalization, and secure long-term care for better quality of life.

How will an AOT help?

Your AOT will:

  • Help you with daily living such as shopping, budgeting, cooking/ cleaning.
  • Help with your medication.
  • Engage in talking therapies.
  • Help stop drug or alcohol use.
  • Lend community support if you are isolated.
  • Help to improve your physical health.
  • Support to find suitable education, employment and training.
  • Support to find and keep your home.
  • Make a plan with you to help you manage your condition.
  • Make a crisis plan with you.
  • Support for your carers or family

You will work with your AOT to decide on a place you feel comfortable. AOTs have most of their appointments in the community or your home.