Fear Factor – 3 Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Fears

Do you ever feel guilty or resentful for having fearful thoughts?

Ever condemn yourself for being fearful in life situations?


Most things that matter a hill of beans to us will not show up without some resemblance of a fearful thought. The more risk you take in living a life filled with authentic, self expression, it’s inevitable and more likely to get scared along the way.

It is human to have many of the same basic fears, like fear of failure, being judged, making mistakes, looking bad, disappointing others. These fears may pop into our minds and work their way into our lives, sometimes deeply rooting into the core of our belief systems and decision making factors on how we move through our lives. Some people may try to hide and shy away from fears because of the associated uncomfortable feelings, or simply from sheer fright.


How we can move through life, so we don’t don’t let our fears stop us from being who we really are and going for what we truly want in life.


3 Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Fears.

1. Get Raw. First you will want to safely acknowledge your fear, admitting it to yourself and taking ownership of the though and associated feelings. Look it in the eye, so to speak. And remember to be completely honest with yourself.

2. Face It. Feel it in your body, and then authentically express it. This expression of your fear will allow it to move through you, rather than remain stuck. You may want to speak it aloud, or share it with a trusted confidant. You can always write it down. Sometimes written in words, the fear may seem much smaller or less potent. Either way, be honest in your acknowledgment of your fear.

3. Move Through It. Letting go of our fear might be challenging, especially if the roots of the fear are clouded in tons of ‘proof’ we have been feeding it for years. Letting go of our fear is a conscious and deliberate choice and may need to be done with the help of professional or trusted support and guidance. A professional will me able to help you build confidence and assist you in taking the bold actions necessary, if you are still feeling nervous. If trying this on your own, you may want to place more energy in picturing the positive outcomes you desire.


Fear can prohibit and interfere with us living our fullest and best lives… so making point to take your power back and face your fears in a safe and supportive environment, and with careful consideration and action… it’s then that one can release fears and move into the best life imagined

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