online group therapy

Join Weekly Online Group Therapy

In light of the ongoing situation throughout the world due to Covid 19, group therapy makes perfect sense as a current treatment choice in this difficult time. Noel McDermott Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd and Sober Help Ltd would like to offer you the opportunity to join weekly online support groups.

Online group therapy can be the support needed to manage your emotional, mental wellbeing and is a great process to keep you grounded with ongoing issues this is offered in a safe, secure and supportive forum from the comfort of your own home with likeminded individuals directed by a qualified individual.

This modality closely mimics traditional group therapy but allows individuals access to the online group setting from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. This can enhance problem solving with solution focused outcome, while building resilience and mental wellbeing and having the connection needed at this current time.


Addiction to alcohol, drugs, medication, internet, gaming or gambling can harm you physically and emotionally, making you isolate due to shame and guilt. Groups can provide a non-judgmental safe space and a positive outlet with others to work through your daily life issues. Additionally, see below for Medically Supervised Home Detox available. Click here to learn more.


Whether you’ve had a traumatic event or a number of small ongoing trauma events, you may be experiencing a range of¬†unfamiliar psychological, emotional, and physical reactions. You may have difficulty collecting your thoughts or expressing your feelings which impacts your day to day functioning. Groups will provide you the opportunity to learn valuable techniques, strategies and take away exercises to explore and process in the areas of your life which need it most. Click here to learn more.

Mental Health

It is essential to manage our mental state of being and is certainly a key part of our overall well-being. It refers to the way in which we are aware of our own abilities and how well we cope with the ups and downs of life. Group therapy can be a source of connection to others and a reminder of self-care. Learn to manage anxiety, curb overthinking and navigate life and the symptoms associated with depression. Click here to learn more.

Disordered Eating

If you have a difficult relationship with food or use food to manage your feelings, you may be eating too much or too little. You may become obsessed with food and eating patterns. Eating disorders are not simply about food. Groups can help you to take the focus off food habits and start to mindfully work through the difficult or painful feelings you are finding hard to face. Click here to learn more.

Couples Therapy

This group psychotherapy offers clinical support for couples to gain insight into your relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction. Couples often have disagreements that go unresolved and tend to have the same patterns, causes, and consequences. Couples therapy can help to take a look at these patterns, and cover tips you can use to strengthen your relationship. Click here to learn more.

Youth Therapy

Youth group therapy helps children and adolescents resolve internal conflicts that are leading to withdrawal and anti-social behaviours. In a safe group setting, one can transform the feelings that are being acted out and leading to negative consequences before escalating into vicious cycles. Click here to learn more.

Family Support

Family support groups use evidence-based approaches to reduce conflict, improve communication and help resolve emotional blocks. Family support can get you back to healthy functioning and connection. It will be helpful in developing new boundaries needed to manage living in intense proximity with family or in isolation longing for physical contact and in cases where there are non-resident family members. Click here to learn more.

Medically Supervised Home Detox

We have specialist nurses and psychiatrists who can help provide medically supervised home detox from alcohol. It can be used alongside our current one to one and group psychotherapy services for addiction, or as a stand alone service. It may be helpful to provide stabilisation to allow entry into a suitable residential facility with whom we have strong relationships with, if that is the route you choose. Click here to learn more.