Helping a Friend in Need

When Helping Isn’t Helping

There’s a great saying, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Often helping someone might interfere with their own growth needed to get past a recurring problem or pattern throughout their life.

How and when to help a friend with a problem:
– Be present. Sometimes a friend simply needs the company of an open mind and lending ear.
– If you’re not professionally or directly skilled in the friend’s problem, just listen.
– Be sure not to be enabling the situation.
– Try not to be judgmental or form any opinions about your friend or their situation.
– Stay in touch with your friend often enough, within healthy boundaries.
– Offer feedback only when they say “YES” to receiving it.
– Direct your friend to professional support services, should the situation become an emergency.

Remember, people sometimes jus need to talk things out. The best help you can offer most times is to be available to listen.

If a friend or family member is in need of help, you can always have them reach out to me.

To you and your friends’ good mental health,

~Noel McDermott

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