Five Easy To Use Tips on How to Create a Successful Mindset + Achievement + Goals

There are some myths around success which really do need to be busted. This blog is about that. These tips can be adapted to whatever you define as success.

We know a lot about How To Do Success: Five Tips for achieving this are

  1. Work hard! This is a standard myth about success. Often hard work will be involved but this is not where you start. The key to success is something that has been known for many thousands of years. Success is based upon consistency. It’s what you can achieve on a regular basis that will determine your success or failure. Success and failure are habits. So start small and build form that
  2. Bigger is better! Another self defeating myth. We need goals to be successful and keep our lives going forwards. Setting a goal of getting bigger or better can often be demotivating. It’s better in the long run to focus on doing the best you can in each moment. This is a much more compassionate way of improving performance towards goals.
  3. Set clear deadlines! Hard deadlines will become a useful tool in maintaining success. In the early days though it’s less about that and more about developing good habits. Focusing on the big picture of ‘why’ you want success is more likely to keep you on track in the early days of building your capacity
  4. Transform yourself completely for success! Again this is less important and actually can be demotivating in the early days of building your success. It comes back to success is a habit. Start small and build in new success habits as you grow. Don’t add a new success habit until you have mastered the first one. It’s a Zen idea, focus on one thing at a time, do it well, then move to the next thing
  5. Sacrifice everything for your success! I’m not sure how this would count as success in many people’s eyes, yet is a persistent myth. It’s definitely not about becoming a workaholic. But it’s very useful to learn how to let go of activities that distract yo from what you want to achieve. And also maybe relationships that do this as well. Work smarter is the key, not engaging in heroic endeavors

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