Kids and Young People

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Kids and young people can experience a range of problems from eating disorders (ED), self harm, drug misuse, other risky behaviours sexually and criminally, authority issues, depression and anxiety from relationship problems, stress at school and college.

What helps is a clear assessment of the issues and targeted therapies for the issues presenting – recovery for addiction, ED, self harm, cognitive behavioural therapy for depression and anxiety, psycho-education for the risky behaviours.

These services are delivered through a safe, warm, attachment based relationship to a competent, congruent, emotionally available psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy has a variety of techniques and methods used to help children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behavior.

Although there are different types of psychotherapy, each relies on communication as the basic tool for bringing about change in a person’s feelings and behaviors. Psychotherapy may involve an individual child, a group of children, a family.

In children and adolescents, playing, drawing, building, and pretending, as well as talking, are important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems.

We can help with

-Overcoming anxiety, depression, addictions

-Develop increased emotional regulation

-Develop conflict resolution skills

-Increasing self esteem

-Mental health issues (e.g. psychosis, self harm, eating problems)

-Disabilities (e.g. ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism)

-Improve interpersonal skills

-Developing meditation and relaxation skills

We are independent financially of any practitioner or organisation we recommend. Recovering no referral fees or commissions or services in kind. So we can offer you unbiased advice. We will usually have visited the services and practitioners we recommend personally.