Mental Health Services

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health problems, addiction and codependency, emotional health or regulation issues, eating disorders, self harming behaviours, childhood or adult trauma, our services can help.

We’ll help you understand the issues you’re facing and get a clear insight into treatment options available to you from our companies, as well as coordinating with other providers in the private sector and also from the public sector.


An Innovative and Comprehensive approach to

Mental Healthcare.


Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd

We provide concierge-level health and social care-plans which support clients and families struggling with a number of problems including depression, addiction, trauma, eating disorders and more. Many of these families have members in multiple countries and our company specialises in coordinating services internationally.

The service is unique and discreet taking care in sourcing and managing every professional you may need to help you into a stable recovery and get back to living a balanced life. More…


Looking for Addiction Support?


Sober Help Ltd

Ou addiction specialists offer tailored services for the individuals and families providing treatment and preferred long-term recovery from addictions. Treatment is usually in your own home and community. Admission to hospital or residential treatment may happen only when carefully planned.

We support people with comorbid conditions to addiction including severe mental health problems. We offer long term support to ensure you and your loved ones truly stabilise in your recovery. More…



Ethical and Personalized Professional Care


Our core value is services delivered at the human level to the individual, couple or family that come to us.

We are independent financially of any practitioner or organisation we recommend. Recovering no referral fees or commissions or services in kind. So we can offer you unbiased advice. We will usually have visited the services and practitioners we recommend personally. More…