Mental Health Services

Exclusive Mental Health Services

An Innovative and Comprehensive approach to Mental Healthcare.  

Our exclusive mental health services help you understand the issues you’re facing and get a clear insight into treatment options available to you from our companies, as well as coordinating with other providers in the private sector and also from the public sector.

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health problems, addiction and codependency, emotional health or regulation issues, eating disorders, self harming behaviours, childhood or adult trauma, our services can help.

Covid19: Group Therapy Services

In addition to the following private services, Noel McDermott Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd and Sober Help Ltd would like to offer you the opportunity to join weekly online support groups. In light of the ongoing situation throughout the world, it makes perfect sense as a current treatment choice in this difficult time. Learn more here.


Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd 

For more than 25 years founder and director, Noel McDermott has been working for your peace of mind. Our professional experience spans three decades of work in Social Services, the NHS, Community and Voluntary and Private sectors.

Our innovative approach to mental health therapy offers a comprehensive health care plan focussing on stepped care and assertive outreach and the direction and management of carefully curated multi-disciplinary teams.

Clinically skilled in the treatment of varied mental health conditions and comorbidities, including but not limited to addictions, eating disorders, recovery, trauma, emotional health, codependency, depression, anxiety, for individual adults and children, as well as families, couples, and groups.

The service is unique and discreet taking care in sourcing and managing every professional you may need to help you into a stable recovery and get back to living a balanced life. Learn more here.


Sober Help Ltd

Looking for Addiction Support? 

Our addiction specialists offer tailored services for the individuals and families providing treatment and preferred long-term recovery from addictions. Treatment is usually in your own home and community. Admission to hospital or residential treatment may happen only when carefully planned.

We offer long term support to ensure you and your loved ones truly stabilise in your recovery. Learn more here.


Mental Health Works Ltd

We deliver our care model of practice for workplace mental health to lend to the complex issues of your most highly valued assets… your employees. We offer educational courses to ensure the mental health and well-being of you and your organisation. Learn more here.