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We deliver our care model of practice for workplace wellness to lend to the complex issues of your most highly valued assets… your employees.

Our model adopts and integrates into the workplace environment alongside the organization utilizing you as a partner.

“The top value is preventing the need for employee downtime away from the company, while integrating the tools for healing while working, ultimately cultivating ways to manage symptoms and stressors along with a productive and successful career.”

We work with families and individuals in a discreet and ethical manner.

“We work where you are.” 

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Workplace Wellness during Covid-19

Global Workforce Battle Re-entry Anxiety: Mental Health Works Ltd Advises How to Get Back to Work with Fear and Uncertainty

For human beings there are three major areas of our life that have a core impact on our psychological stability; our homes, our intimate relationships and our work. All three of those areas have been and continue to be challenged during these times leaving us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It’s important to focus on what we can achieve during these times of change and what we can’t. Here Psychotherapist Noel McDermott provides tips for workers on how to cope with these emotions and reactions when returning to work