Our Care Model

An innovative treatment model.

care model

Receive Personalised Care Planning. 

Evidence shows that outcomes can be greatly improved with the right support plan and when possible, care plans are designed to prevent admission to hospital or residential facilities.

Our care model provides innovative treatment services to reduce the rate of relapse and ensure long-term recovery.

In cases where admission is necessary, discharge and recovery is carefully planned to reduce the possibility of a relapse. Personalised care planning is an essential tool which integrates all the services necessary to for complete holistic health and wellbeing.

Offering You Work-Life Balance.

The least amount of disruption to your work-life family-life balance and everyday activities. Integrating health & social care at the point of assessment and planning means the person will not have to repeatedly share their story time and time again, as they will have one assessment & planning experience that results in a single integrated personalised care and support plan.

Who’s on Your Team?

Your team can be made up of any combination of people in your immediate circle; family, friends, personal trainers, nutritionists, community and business professionals, coaches. Anyone you need to help you develop long term stability and recovery.  They will include professionals who provide support; critical care, medical nurses, practitioners, therapists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and more. There’s nothing we can’t deliver outside of a hospital.

The makeup of your team will change as your needs do. Our company will manage these team members on your behalf, ensuring that the care delivery is of the highest quality and is provided in a seamless manner to you.

What will Your Care Plan look like? 

We focus on what matters to you and all the necessary elements that would make the plan achievable and effective. There is no set template for what a personalised care and support plan needs to look like, but it should reflect your confidential conversations, agreed outcomes and decisions proportionate to your health condition, situation and care needs. 

How can You Get Started?

We begin with a series of facilitated conversations in which the person, or those who know them well, actively participates to explore the management of their health and well-being within the context of their whole life and family situation. This process recognises the person’s skills and strengths, as well as their experiences and the things that matter the most to them. It addresses the things that aren’t working in the person’s life and identifies outcomes and actions to resolve these.

How do We Measure Success?

Our main goal is to reduce the relapse cycle, avoid crisis issues and fuel your long-term quality of life.

Valuing people as active participants and experts in the planning and management of their own health & well-being ensures that the outcomes and solutions developed have meaning in the context of their whole life, leading to improved chances of successful support.

See Care Programme Approach for more information.