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Our Teams

All the mental health services of inpatient care without being admitted to hospital or rehab.

Our international teams of experienced specialty mental health practitioners are coordinated to provide tailored treatment for your individual case and mental state. Your mutlidisciplinary team may be comprised of several of the following mental health specialists.

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General Practitioners

Our GP’s are skilled in working with mental health and addiction issues. They will work as part of the team around you meeting your physical health needs and working closely on your continuing care. They are skilled in team working ensuring we are able to keep your care and treatment planned and co-ordinated, ensuring long term recovery.

Specialty Nurses

Registered Mental Health Nurses specialise in the management of mental ill health; monitoring your mental state, basic physical health, risks associated with your condition and help with managing certain symptoms, coordinating your treatment through care plans prepared to address your various needs.

our teams specialty nurses
our teams occupational therapists

Occupational Therapists

Our team of professionals will help you carry out your everyday activities  and occupational or domestic work, such as leisure, education, self-care, bathing, dressing, eating, which may be hindered by the impact of your current mental health.


Psychiatrists are medical mental health specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioural disorders. In addition to prescribing medication they will provide skilled assessments with careful examinations of your mental state during consultations. Our psychiatrists contribute to your clinical treatment and continuing care providing a psychiatric mental health lead to the care team and direction of your treatment plan.