Stepped Care

What is Stepped Care?

Stepped care is a system of delivering and monitoring your treatments so the most effective yet least resource intensive, treatment is delivered to patients first, only ‘stepping up’ the intensity of care or coordinating specialist services as clinically required.

stepped care

“Having the right service in the right place, at the right time, delivered by the right person.”

How Can it Help You?

We value 2 Main Principles associated with stepped care. 

Treatment should always be delivered with the best positive outcomes with the least amount of burden on you, the patient.

And scheduled improvement reviews must be in place to enable effective stepping up.

What’s Different about Our Approach?

Stepped care models can be found in other healthcare systems.

Our care model gives you the security of having all services coordinated for you by one manager effectively organizing and directing your personal care team.

The 5 Step Process.

STEP 1  Non-Professional Assessment and Interventions

(Prior to receiving an assessment from your general practitioner or approaching health or social services.)

This first step combines a series of facilitated conversations in which you, or those who know you well, explores the management of your health and well-being within the context of your whole life and family situation. 

This step involves receiving support from your friends and family, self-help groups or employment services. Together and on your behalf, we tap into resources including national and local mental health organisations, online and telephone helplines, advice agencies, welfare rights, housing, and carer support.

STEP 2  Professional

This step involves a primary mental health care provider offering careful evaluation and GP assessment.

This step can also include mobilisation of Step 1 resources, guided self-help, CBT, and brief psychological interventions.

STEP 3  Additional Assessment and Interventions

This step involves continued mental health assessment and social support. You’ll receive physical health checks with medicine assessment or review where necessary. 

STEP 4  Specialized Services

Here you may receive one or more of the following: a specialist assessment, further care coordination, and a comprehensive risk/relapse plan, any home and/or crisis treatment, early intervention, assertive outreach, medication reassessment, and/or psychosocial interventions.

STEP 5  In and Out-Patient Community Services

This step involves a range of assessment and treatment with in-patient services, as well as working with high-risk, complex patients requiring regular specialist interventions and a high level of care coordination as well as risk-relapse management.

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