Global Suicide Prevention

Casting a Global Spotlight on Suicide Prevention

One person dies every 40 seconds due to suicide.

Over one million people end their own lives each year, while 10 million people attempt suicide annually. Suicide is the leading cause of death in young people in many nations.

The global rate of suicide has risen more than 60% in the last 45 years and the statistics are staggering. With the majority of people never receiving professional mental health care before taking their own lives.


Global Summit Events

An intimate roundtable of thought leaders discussing how to make an impact, prevent suicide and save lives. #suicidepreventionsummit

Date | Location


March | London

April | TBD

May | TBD



World Mental Health Day Global Events

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide. #suicidepreventionsummit

Suicide Support Communities

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