Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT)

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) is a unique solution to the complexities of long term recovery. 

For you, being part of a multidisciplinary team which supports you with the right input, at the right time, can be the difference between being in control of your condition or out of control.

How We Help.

Our company will coordinate, direct and optimize your MDT to ensure efficiency, communication, regulation and support for your personalized care plan.

Each team is managed for you by us until you feel ready to manage it yourself and it produces a helpful plan (care plan) with you that says who does what and when and why.

Who makes up my MDT?

A team will typically be made up of you, people in your immediate circle important in your recovery and the professionals who provide support.

Each team that is built is specific to your needs and circumstances. And the makeup of your team will change as your needs do.

For us, it is more than simply finding professionals with a good ‘bedside manner, ‘ it’s finding professionals who understand that ‘the relationship is how you heal.’ 

How do MDTs work?

MDTs provide a practical, non judgemental set of tools to be able to assess their own teams against a set of benchmark descriptions.

Teams can come to an informed decision about how their team needs to function and what they might need to do to change to the desired state.

Is an MDT right for You?

There is no fixed solution for long term recovery and management of mental illness or addiction. Different solutions will be appropriate for different circumstances.

This approach was developed in the UK statutory health services and has been evidenced to provide best long term outcomes for complex and chronic conditions.