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The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation will increase the awareness of Stillbirth, support parents who have experienced the death of a baby and support research to help reduce the numbers of babies who die during pregnancy or birth.
Margaret Ward-Martin is a therapist working with survivors of narcissistic abuse. Margaret created the The Grace Project as a collaborative effort to provide a safe space for survivors of Narcissistic Abuse (NA).
Simon Blake and his company Mental Health First Aid(MHFA) aims to improve the mental health of the nation. MHFA belive that better mental health is good for everyone and recognising this is good for society.

The Wellbeing Show

Evidence-Based Practice, requires that decisions about health care are based on the best available, current, valid, and relevant evidence. These decisions should be made by those receiving care, informed by the tacit and explicit knowledge of those providing care. Components of Evidence-Based Practice: Best available evidence, Clinician’s knowledge, and skills, Patient’s wants and needs.